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mintymoon (Member) 12/10/2010 11:57 AM EST : Nature Healing

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Hi hi everyone,

Since we have an umbrella sorcery healing thread, I thought we might as well have one for nature too. First of all I’ll discuss some powers and I’ll put up some load outs later since currently I have illegal ones due to power shifting. There are some other support powers, but I’ll also discuss them later. (For now we focus on a core.)

In my honest opinion Nature healing is a high volume, low base style. Meaning that it heals for not as much but stacks heal over time like crazy. This makes it a little bit more power bar dependent, but if it’s your style it works.

In addition to that, Nature is a high heal crit based set. You could go the normal route and not spec for crit heal chance (only possible in Plants only spec), but it’s true potential is only drawn out when you spec for critical.


To understand Nature and depending if you want to go Shapeshifting, Plants or a Hybrid it’s very important to know what Pheromones are and what they do. Whenever you use a power with the Pheromones effect it will spread an Area Effect, Heal over Time on allies within a certain range. Certain powers take use of Pheromones to add in their healing, more specifically Blossom.

Plants Healing Powers:


This is your first single target heal, and it heals you too, since it’s a perquisite you have to get it anyways. In addition what this will do is end all Pheromone effects on the healed ally and you and give you the full healing effect. So say that there is a 12 heath per second effect on an ally for ten seconds, Blossom will not only heal for a base amount, but also heal that ally for 120 (12 HoT*10 s). Currently Pheromone effects stack meaning that multiples of them can be going on at once, building up for some very large healing potential.


In the past this power has been nothing but trouble but now it might be viable as compared to some other things. Bloom is an Area Effect heal with a charge time. The good thing is that it heals for quite a bit, and has a Pheromone effect on all allies effected. In addition there’s a nice ‘root’ circle around your character to denote your using it.

Cross Pollination:

I love Cross Pollination so much but it’s been a love hate relationship due to bugs and the way this power works. Firstly it’s an Area Effect that gets more powerful or so the description says with each ally within range, secondly it has a Pheromone Effect. Sometimes it goes off without a hitch and is very powerful, not to mention it’s so much cheaper than the other healing powers. (A good 400+ heal for everyone in range and Pheromones is awesome not to mention it’s cheap.) Other times though despite being in the center of all your allies, it gets buggy and applies healing as if there was only one ally in range.

Shapeshifting Healing Powers:


The only real heal in shapeshifting, but it’s really awesome in what it does. Firstly it’s a wide area Heal over Time, trust me this area is huge compared to all the other direct healing powers. Not to mention it packs in a stronger Pheromones effect then the plant Pheromones. Best thing about this power is the range.

Insectoid Form:

Crit. Crit. Crit. This should all you see while in this form. Though these are only healing crits it’s absolutely magnificent, well not aesthetically unless your into the human size insects. This form will increase your base healing, and if I do remember correctly a slight increase to your crit healing rate.

Hive Mind:

This power is just plain awesome, because it seriously increases healing crit rate. In fact everything you see are basically healing crits with it active. Not to mention it costs absolutely no power. Unfortunately, the cool down is slightly longer then the duration by about 10-15 seconds, but still well worth attempts to maintain this power. This is an absolute must if you are going to be Shapeshifting healing.


With current supercharge rates, I’m not sure if this is even viable now. Before the change, it was a golden crown of healing, not only does it only cost 50% but it is godly when crit healing. Normally, from my observations it has about a range of 400 per heal bases over its duration. Did I mention it was heal over time? Crit healing though brings out it’s true potential, I’ve had 1k+ heal per tick from this power so it will definitely save you in a pinch.

*Just a little note for now, after the patch I cannot see Nature healing working without a Hybrid layout. It’s very power point intensive to build a hybrid, but this is just a personal view point. Feel free to discuss it. 

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frostygunna (Member) 1/14/2011 7:36 AM EST : RE: Nature Healing

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This is Mittens, im a lvl 30 bow/nature. Id like to toss out some input on here. I have not tested every power but i will touch on what i have tested and i believe is worth mentioning.

The Bad ---------------------------------

Insectoid Form - right now, while in this form, you will NOT regenerate power while your attacking. Basically in combat the only thing that will get you power is colas. So this form is either bugged or pointless right now.

Cross Pollination - The problem with cross pollination is it costs a lot of power now. If you are in pick ups groups its tough to heal the people you want to heal due to people moving around. Ill be testing it more tomorrow though because my experience was very limited with it.

Bloom - Three main problems with this power is it can be interrupted (biggest down fall here), it has a long cast time and like cross pollination its tough to heal everyone you want to heal because of movement and the combination of the first two things i mentioned.

Blossum - Its a decent single target heal. It heals you and the person with the lowest health on your team. Blossum and Metabolism looks to cost the exact same amount of power. This was my main heal while soloing and my secondary heal in groups.

The Good ----------------------------------

Metabolism - Its a power you should pick up, it will really shine with a high critical healing chance and Hive Mind. This is my main heal for groups.

Regeneration - take the power, take the power, take the power. It wont be up all the time but it will be up 3-4 times if youre attacking quite a bit. This power is insanely powerful and will keep your teammates as well as you healed for a good while, not to mention its fairly quick activation time. Another huge bonus is that it only costs 50% superpower. It will also help a lot when soloing. So take it!

Hive Mind - take this power also, take it, takeeee the power. This will buff your teammates as well as yourself and your healing will have a much higher critical healing chance. It works great with Metabolism and Blossum. This is a purely guess on looking at the bar but it seems to cost as much as Blossum /Metabolism. However, you will critical heal a lot more which means the less youll have to cast. You cannot keep this buff up permanently because it does have a slight down time. A rough guess is it lasts about 18 seconds and is down for about 18 seconds.

Roar - This thing stuns and hits for a good amount of damage, it will help you in solo boss fights or in 2-3 person groups when you dont have to heal as many people.


The order id choose powers if i had to do it all over again.

Vinelash (starting power in the tree)

Blossum - It heals for more than metabolism and looks to cost the same amount of power. Its your best bet when starting out if you group up with 1 or 2 people while you do quests or soloing.

Roar (starting power in the tree) - I basically summed it up above, it will make your questing life easier especially against bosses.


Pterosaurs form - This is a filler power, you need one more power to get to Regeneration and its one of the prereq for Hive Mind.


Insectoid Form - Prereq to Hive Mind

Hive Mind

Anyways, there you go. This is only my opinion but its done me well so far. Cheers!

Characters: Mittens

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